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nostra salmon

cilantro & shrimp

romaine,spring mix

cherry tomatoes, red
onions, cucumbers, feta cheese,

kalamata olives, sea salt, salmon

olive oil, lime squeeze

spinach, spring mix

cucumber, cilantro,
red onion, radishes, avocado,

shrimp ceviche, sea salt

lemon squeeze, olive oil

orlando cobb

romaine, purple cabbage

cherry tomatoes, farm egg,
gorgonzola, red onions,
sweet corn, black beans, grilled chicken

ranch, pesto vinaigrette


sweet spinach

vegan caesar

spinach, kale, purple cabbage


walnuts, cranberries,
organic grapes, quinoa,
strawberries, organic apples

raspberry vinaigrette
balsamic vinaigrette


romaine, kale, purple cabbage

quinoa, sunflower seeds,
garbanzo, walnuts,
gluten free crunches

vegan caesar dressing


rice medley

brown rice, spring mix

cucumbers, carrots, red onions, walnuts,
cranberries, cilantro,
grilled chicken

balsamic vinaigrette

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